About Us

In 2005 our Managing Director Brian Jenkins began a small party rental company in his Arlington, Texas garage with three margarita machines along with some tables and chairs he purchased from Costco. While completing a 22-year Army career he would make deliveries with his 12-year old son in a Kia minivan Friday nights and Saturday morning and then begin pickups late Saturday evening and then at 5:00 am on Sunday trying to finish by 12-noon so he could enjoy some “family time” before returning to Army duties on Monday morning.  After two years of doing it “solo” (and retiring from the Army) he teamed up with a business partner who also owned a small rental business and in twelve short years they built the company to four locations throughout Texas with annual revenues of $15-million and named annually as one of the Top 30 Rental Companies by Special Events Magazine. In 2018 an investment group purchased the rental company which allowed Brian to divest his shares and finally “enjoy the good life”. Fast forward six short months and Brian came to the realization that the “good life” is much more than sleeping late, traveling and playing golf thus, the birth of Rental InnovationZ, a company started to provide quality and innovative chair and tent bags, sidewalls, ground tarps, and shipping supplies to the rental industry. His goal was (and is) to provide innovative products at unbeatable pricing and superior service (which is how he built his successful rental company).

Brian’s biggest quip while owning his rental business was purchasing quality tent walls at reasonable prices. It was very frustrating to pay huge amounts of money for “American” sidewalls that lasted one to two seasons. Regardless of who he purchased the sidewalls from or how much he paid for the walls they essentially lasted the same amount of time (one to maybe two seasons). His answer to this dilemma was working with overseas manufacturers using top quality vinyl to rival any American made vinyl and sell sidewallZ at unbeatable pricing and unbeatable quality. 

While going thru the process of working with the sidewall manufacturer Brian also remembered his constant frustration with the tent and chair bags that he purchased from the sole supplier in the industry. Leaving messages on answering machines, no web site of any value, slow customer service were just a few of his issues he encountered anytime he needed to order bags.  He travelled overseas, found a supplier that could handle his needs and introduced a line of chair and tent bagZ that are not only innovative but exceeded the quality, service and pricing of anything experienced in the event industry. 

With ordering available 24-hours/7-days a week through our website and same day free shipping for any order before 1:00 pm CST you no longer have to wait for someone to listen to their answering machine before they even put your order in the queue for processing which may take another week or longer…..Brian knows that when you need your equipment that you need it now!